Zombies Took My Chick!

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Action Puzzle 


She's the hot office chick. You've always had a crush on her. You're the office geek. She doesn't even know your name, but you wish she did. While staring at her one day, suddenly you notice ZOMBIES outside her window coming for her! All you have with you is your target-practice bow from highschool. But you have to save her!Beautifully polished, highly addictive (and challenging) physics-based rebound shooter. Shoot the Zombies, but don't hit the girl. It's not as easy as it sounds..Features:- Cleverly designed puzzles. Not just another shooter. Hitting specific objects in the game changes the level in order to get rid of ALL zombies! - Use angles, timing and power for your shots. Keeps players trying and trying, it's addictive.- Completely physics-based, players must sometimes shoot down entire buildings to get ahead. Ramps carry bombs through gravity, moveable walls make for ricochet shots, etc.- Proven genre & gameplay. Our previous physics-based game got 7 million plays in 6 months!Control:- Aim the bow with the mouse. - Click once to set the angle of the shot.- Notice the moving power bar. Time your shot's power when the bar is at the maximum or the minimum. Click to shoot.- Watch the ensuing mayhem as you kill the zombies! And plan your next shot! Oh, don't kill the Girl!Notes:- Game is now 100% complete, tested, no bugs that we've found, please report any if you do find, thank you.- We are open to changing or adding features in the game. Just ask us.

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